18 June 2018
Niedzica Castle



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The castle is on Lake Czorstyn, near the Dunajec Gorge, on the road to Zakopane.


The old Polish-Hungarian fortress Niedzica Castle also known as Dunajec Castle is located in the lake Czorsztyńskim Niedzicy.


Visitors can hike trails in the Pieniny and Magura Spiskie actively relax in the municipality following the numerous paths pedestrian and cycling.


A quiet area with clean air and spectacular views where tourists can find a paradise. Varied accommodation facilities of tourist farms by hotels, guest houses after a castle is the perfect base in nearby Pieniny, Tatra Mountains and Gorce.


Rafting - about 50 minutes + about 2/3 hour 

Return – about 80 minutes.


The outline of Niedzica Castle can best be viewed from the ruins of Czorsztyn Castle on the other side of the lake. It is known as one of the most picturesque castles in the country and adorns the covers of many books.


Price: 300 zł